11 Logical Reasons Why Men Admire Women’s Breasts!

Every woman at least once in a lifetime would have noticed that men stare at women’s breasts in a very obsessive manner. And males may find it hard to deny that they secretly admire women’s breasts. Nobody would have ever thought of logical reasons that why do men do so?

Here we are up with 11 logical reasons that why men admire and can’t resist staring at women’s breasts!

1.Men love the soft touch of women’s breasts

The touch and tenderness of women’s boobs drive men crazy. Males admire breasts because of their softness and the pleasure in touching them.

2. Men find them really comfortable

Males admire boobs for their softness and find them comfortable to lie on them as they can act as a pillow!

3. They find breasts, mysterious

The breasts covered by clothes appear very mysterious to men. They wish to see and feel them and unsolve the mystery!

4. Men think that boobs signify the maturity of a woman

Boobs are a symbol that a girl has now become a woman and is mature enough for breeding.

5. Women’s breasts cause stimulation

Scientists state a logical reason behind this and state that both males, as well as females, get stimulated by boobs. But for men, boobs are a treat to their eyes.

6. They find them highly sensuous

For males, Boobs are the most sensuous part of a woman’s body. When a woman’s breasts are stimulated, they release an Oxycontin, known as ‘love drug’ which enhances sexual arousal in the great majority of women. This arousal is similar to the breastfeeding.

7. Breasts enhance a woman’s poise

Boobs make a woman more beautiful and pleasurable. They add on to women’s poise and appearance.

8. Boobs and foreplay: Amazing start

Boobs play a significant role in foreplay and establishing the sexual desire.

9. Cleavage

Boobs are the logical reason behind cleavage. And the sight of cleavage makes men stare at women’s boobs.

10. It’s a sign of fertility

A man consequently gets pulled in towards a lady who he supposes is solid, physically alluring and who has created an assemblage of reproducing age.

11. The size makes them even more attractive

Males admire boobs with a bigger size. They get captivated by the size and can resist staring at them due to logical reasons.

Which Body Type Do Men Prefer More: Curvy, Athletic or Slim women? See who got the most attention?

Women come in all shapes and sizes, but which body type do men prefer: Kim Kardashian curves and an ample bust, or a willowy supermodel physique?

We decided to answer the question once and for all by parading three different female body types – curvy, slim and athletic – in front of a group of men.

The men wore sophisticated eye-tracking devices which analysed which women they spent the most time looking at, and therefore the body type they were most drawn to.

We enlisted the help of three models – Sophia De Lancey, 30, Stephanie Warren, 27, and Inesa De La Roche, 35 – and stood them next to each other while the ten men walked into the room one by one to meet them.

While Stephanie showcased her Kim Kardashian-like curves, her fellow models had supermodel-esque and Instagram-fit bodies respectively.
We then fitted the men with eye-tracking devices to find out which body types they were naturally most drawn to over a 30-second period.

The girls put their figures on show in cut-off denim shorts and tight-fitting vest tops, with one of our testers, Tony, admitting that while it felt like ‘a very surreal trip to the optician’, the girl on the left, Sophia, was his favourite.

Although the men weren’t told who they they dwelled on the longest, Tony looked at Sophia for 13 seconds, Stephanie for 11 seconds and Inesa for six seconds over a 30 second period.

Meanwhile, Jay claimed he didn’t have a favourite at all and Matt admitted he was ‘wary’ of where he was looking. Jay looked at curvy Stephanie the longest, while Matt spent almost twice as long looking at athletic Sophia as anyone else.

Tony, who also looked at Sophia the longest, said: ‘I wasn’t too surprised with my score as I think it reflects who was the most chatty when I was in the room.’

Overall, slim Inesa scored the lowest with 29 per cent of the glances, while curvy Stephanie scored the highest at 36 per cent. Meanwhile, Sophia came second with 35 per cent.

The findings totally contradict a recent study that suggested men find thinner women most attractive because they associate their body shape with youth, fertility and a lower risk of disease.

Researchers at the University of Aberdeen found that ‘evolutionary fitness’ determined what men find appealing.

They were led to believe that we find thinness in females so attractive because we equate it with youth – the preferred female BMI in the study of 17-20 corresponds to the average BMI of a young 18-20 year old with maximal fertility and minimal risk of future disease.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3935212/MailOnline-discovers-body-type-men-like-best.html#ixzz54OfeusnX
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It Khan’t be more appealing: Chloe’s enhanced assets in black bikini leave no place for the imagination


he’s known for her love of going under knife – and Chloe Khan showed off her surgically enhanced cleavage as she attended a yacht party in Dubai on Tuesday.

The 26-year-old mother-of-one looked incredible in a very skimpy black two-piece, revealing some serious underboob as the material failed to contain her assets.

Reclining on a yacht as she partied with her pals, the former X Factor star appeared to be lapping up the attention.

Another shot saw her posing on the side of a boat with her phone in hand as she posed in designer shades. With her friends in tow, no doubt Chloe was enjoying a little fun in the sun. Chloe’s look has changed dramatically since she first came to television screens on X Factor in 2010.

She has spent £100k on altering her figure, but last year, the social media sensation suffered devastating side effects after her rhinoplasty left her unable to smell or breathe properly.

Speaking on This Morning, she said: ‘I can’t smell and I can’t actually breathe through my nose anymore.’

‘I woke up during surgery,’ she described. ‘It was a disaster from the get go. I have to tape it 20 hours a day with a roll of medical tape.
‘I feel embarrassed to talk about it, and it’s stupid, I wake up with nosebleeds, I can’t smell perfume.. but it’s a vanity thing.’

Cosmetic surgery fan Chloe went under the knife for a series of procedures. She has endured a nose job, lip enhancement, breast augmentation, liposuction and a bottom enlargement.

‘She can’t put her glasses on because her cheekbones are so swollen’: Disabled girl has her head smashed into a table and her hands burnt on a barbeque during brutal bashing at the hands of three teenagers

This is the horrific moment a disabled girl has her head smashed into a table during a brutal bashing at the hands of three teenage girls.

The 17-year-old victim was lead to a picnic spot in the Gippsland town of Moe, Victoria, in the early hours of Monday morning, where she was tortured and repeatedly bashed.

The disgusting attack was filmed on one of the offender’s mobile phones and shared to Facebook, Ten Eyewitness News reported.

During the attack, the 17-year-old victim, who has an intellectual disability, was forced to inhale glass, believed to be from her smashed iPhone.

Her hands were burnt on a hot barbecue, her head was repeatedly slammed into a wooden picnic table and she was kicked in the face.

Her devastated mother said her daughter was tricked into going to the park, believing she was meeting up with her boyfriend.

The mother, who cannot be named, said her daughter was left ‘black and blue’.

‘She’s unrecognisable. She can’t put her glasses on because her cheekbones are so swollen,’ she told Ten News.

She said her daughter would ‘never be the same again’ after the horrific attack.

The victim was taken to hospital after the attack, where she was treated for serious injuries to her face.

She is now recovering from the vicious attack at home.

The alleged offenders were three teenage girls, two 15-year-olds and one 12-year-old.

The girls have since been charged with assault and robbery.

The 12-year-old was released on bail, but the two 15-year-old girls were not, Ten News reported.

Detective Senior Constable Michael Thek said the assault was extremely serious.

‘The footage is pretty graphic and a lot of senior police officers here say it’s one of the worst assaults they’ve seen in 30 years or so,’ he told Ten.

Weird People Who Could Not Care Less About Fashion

Fashion is universal and dynamic. A hairstyle that was in last week may be laughed at a month later, but those pants that were in 20 years ago might make a come back tomorrow.

There are people who follow these fashion trends, but then there are those that take their personality and character and really present it in their appearance. While these representations may not be a popular fashion trend and they may be a little overboard, and sometimes uncomfortable to look at… we can all agree on one thing… these people are not afraid to show who they truly are.

Here are 28 people who embraced their weirdness and flaunt who they are, loud and proud.

1. Some people would be extremely embarrassed to display their wedgie publicly. Here’s one person that turned the look into a fashion trend!

2. And people say only women can wear short shorts…

3. I don’t think this guy’s belt is really doing its job, but that’s one unique choice of underwear.

4. If you squint and look from a distance, it looks like she’s just wearing strands of duct tape.

5. Some people can make the see-through style look sexy… others not so much.

6. Did she intend to wear her outfit backward? Or do you think she put it on like that by accident and never realized where she went wrong?

7. There’s not much to say about this picture, other than that it looks very creepy.

8. This guy really knows how to make it seem like he has legs for days.

9. Ba da da da da, I’m lovin that T-shirt!

10. Very interesting combination of clothing, so casual yet so formal at the same time.

11. Everyone can accept a few jeans rips here and there, but this is just ridiculous and a little too tight on your skin!

12. You know what they say… a true man wears pink.

Model who lost her leg to toxic shock syndrome from her tampon has the other amputated

The model who lost her leg to toxic shock syndrome has had surgery to amputate the other.

Lauren Wasser, 29, lost her left leg last week after having the right amputated in 2012 when she contracted the life-threatening infection toxic shock syndrome (TSS) from using a super-plus tampon while on her period.

The Los Angeles-based model revealed last month that she would ‘inevitably’ lose her left leg because she was in ‘daily excruciating pain’ as a result of the TSS.

‘Life is about to be so different, again! I’m in great spirits though and ready for my next chapter,’ Wasser said in an Instagram post.

The double below-the-knee amputee will continue to advocate about the potential risks associated with tampons as she gets accustomed to her new prosthetic.

Since last week’s surgery, Wasser has had visitors including Paralympian Amy Purdy, who is also a double amputee.

Wasser’s body had produced calcium which caused the bones on her remaining foot to grow as her brain’s way of telling the missing toes to grow back.

‘My left foot has an open ulcer, no heel, and no toes,’ she wrote last month in an op-ED featured in InStyle. ‘I’m in daily excruciating pain.’

She has needed surgery to shave down the bone because it became too unbearable to walk.

Wasser also could not wet her foot due to the open ulcer – something that is difficult for the California-born model.

‘In a few months, I’m inevitably going to have my other leg amputated. There’s nothing I can do about it. But what I can do is help make sure that this doesn’t happen to others,’ she said.

The model is now an advocate by pushing legislation urging the National Institutes of Health to help test feminine hygiene products to determine they are safe.

Wasser is advocating for a bill called the Robin Danielson Act, named after a woman who died from TSS in 1998, which directs the National Institutes of Health to do research on the potential health risks of feminine hygiene products.

The bill has been introduced 10 times and has never come to a vote before the full House of Representatives.

She has spoken publicly about her condition and given a TED Talk to share her story.

The model was 24 when she fell ill after using a tampon.

She was found in her apartment 10 minutes from death, face down, unconscious on her bedroom floor covered in feces and vomit, after her mother called police for a wellness check when she had not heard from her for a while.

While in the hospital her fever reached 107 degrees, she suffered a heart attack and her organs began to fail before she was put into a medically induced coma.


Donald Trump Told Adult Film Star She Was ‘Just Like His Daughter’

The porn star who was allegedly paid $130,000 before the 2016 US election to keep her affair with Donald Trump quiet, said that Trump told her she was ‘just like his daughter’ in an interview that has now been revealed.

38-year-old Stormy Daniels – real name Stephanie Clifford – made the revelations to In Touch magazine in 2011, only for the interview not to be published until the Wall Street Journal reported the rumour. Trump’s lawyer has released a letter – signed by Stormy – denying the affair.

In the interview, on newsstands now, Stormy outlined the details of the affair, which reportedly started in Trump’s Lake Tahoe hotel suit in 2006 – just months after Trump’s son Barron was born. The truth of the affair was supported by a polygraph test at the time of the interview.

Stormy said that the interaction between her and the US President wound up turning into ‘textbook generic’ sex.

According to Stormy, the pair met at the American Century celebrity golf tournament in July 2006 while Stormy was in the gift lounge sponsored by her porn company, Wicked Pictures.

Trump later dropped by to ask Stormy for her number before asking her out to dinner. However, Stormy later arrived at Trump’s suite to see him lying on the coach watching TV in his PJs.

She apparently made fun of him for not being dressed for dinner: “I was like, ‘Ha, does Mr Hefner know that you stole his outfit?’” to which Trump “got all huffy and tried to play it off,” Stormy said.

The pair ended up having dinner in the room, with Stormy going to the bathroom at one point to come back to find Trump sitting on the bed. When he said “come here,” she says she thought, “ugh, here we go” and they started kissing before having unprotected sex.

Stormy said the sex was forgettable, saying it was “nothing crazy. It was one position, what you would expect someone his age to do.”

According to Stormy, after the affair Trump proceeded to call her and meet with her on a regular basis – even telling her “I was someone to be reckoned with, beautiful and smart just like his daughter.”

He also allegedly promised her a role on his TV show The Apprentice before the pair stopped speaking regularly in 2009 or 2010.

Stormy’s ex-husband Mike Moz supported her account of the affair, telling In Touch in 2011 that the pair had spoken frequently.

Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, who allegedly arranged the ‘hush’ payment, has denied the affair, stating: “President Trump once again vehemently denies any such occurrence, as has Ms Daniels.”

Last week Cohen released a letter – signed by Stormy – denying that any sexual relationship had taken place.

‘Sorry, I had to do it’: Horrifying moment a young mother-of-two is followed to her front door and groped by a stranger after a morning walk

A young mother returning home from her morning walk on the Gold Coast has been groped on the bottom by a random stranger.

Jesse Ratu, 24, was unlocking the door to her Southport apartment on Sunday when a man allegedly approached her from behind and grabbed her backside five times.

The man smiled into cameras after performing the ‘disgusting’ assault, which was captured on CCTV footage of the front of the building, Gold Coast Bulletin reports.

‘He said, ‘Sorry, I just had to do it, you have the best arse,’ the mother-of-two said.

The terrified woman said she told the man ‘don’t f***ing touch me’ before running inside and telling her partner, Brendan Wilson, what happened.

The sales assistant said despite Mr Wilson running outside to confront the man, the offender had already fled the area.

Ms Ratu remembered feeling too scared to turn back out of fear she would be picked up and ‘stolen’, and said she now felt too traumatised to walk outside alone.

‘We’ve only been here for six months,’ Ms Ratu said.

‘We’re now thinking about moving. I’ve always lived in Southport but never lived down this end.’

‘I shouldn’t really be worried to walk in my own street, so I probably won’t be doing that anymore,’ Ms Ratu told Nine News.

An image of the man, who is described to be of African descent, about 1.8m with facial hair and short black hair, has been sent out to police in the area.

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Everyone Loves Curvy Women In Sexy Tight Dresses

I think every persons weakness is women in sexy tight dresses. Everyone loves curvy women in sexy tight dresses. Here are 5 beautiful curvy women wearing sexy tight dresses.

This girl looks phenomenal in her green tight dress. I love how she is wearing a two piece. She is gorgeous, someone help me find her.

I don’t know if this girl wants people to stare at the view of the city, or her. The tight dress on her curvy body looks beautiful.

This girl’s dress looks so tight that she can’t breathe. Fashion does hurt, but this girl still looks beautiful.

This girl’s dress is killing it, her shoes might be a little too tight, but her gray tight dress looks beautiful on her curvy body.


Komuna e Shtërpcës e cila është e banuar me sërbë, ka bërë një komusion për të studiuar fizibilitetin në shtëpin e gurit e cila gjendet në Brezovicë.

Kjo iniciativë nga sërbët është nisur pasi në këtë vend do të nisin investimet që i takojnë ndërmarrjes “Sport Marketing”, pronë e Prishtinës.

Sipas kësaj ndërmarrje kjo ka ardhur si pasojë e mos interesimit të shtetit të kosovës për Brezovicën për investime në këtë vend.


Better or worse than crying?


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Here’s What Happens When Molten Aluminum Is Poured Into A Fish Tank

It’s a common saying that you learn something new every day, but if you spend a lot of time on YouTube, you start to find out a different truism.

You can also see something really cool that you’re not supposed to try at home every day.

It’s kind of unfortunate because the first instinct when you see something awesome is to want to try it, but that pesky better judgement always gets in the way. Though I would think it’s worse to never see the cool thing than to never be able to try it. So these brave Youtubers do us a great service by opening our eyes to all the dangerously cool stuff the world has to offer.

One of these YouTubers goes by TheBackYardScientist and he’s going to show us what can happen when you pour molten aluminum into a big fish tank.


Do you agree that the cop had to fire? Thankfully, the man lived. He now faces felony charges.


Yep, the MMA fighter won. And it wasn’t even close.