he’s known for her love of going under knife – and Chloe Khan showed off her surgically enhanced cleavage as she attended a yacht party in Dubai on Tuesday.

The 26-year-old mother-of-one looked incredible in a very skimpy black two-piece, revealing some serious underboob as the material failed to contain her assets.

Reclining on a yacht as she partied with her pals, the former X Factor star appeared to be lapping up the attention.

Another shot saw her posing on the side of a boat with her phone in hand as she posed in designer shades. With her friends in tow, no doubt Chloe was enjoying a little fun in the sun. Chloe’s look has changed dramatically since she first came to television screens on X Factor in 2010.

She has spent £100k on altering her figure, but last year, the social media sensation suffered devastating side effects after her rhinoplasty left her unable to smell or breathe properly.

Speaking on This Morning, she said: ‘I can’t smell and I can’t actually breathe through my nose anymore.’

‘I woke up during surgery,’ she described. ‘It was a disaster from the get go. I have to tape it 20 hours a day with a roll of medical tape.
‘I feel embarrassed to talk about it, and it’s stupid, I wake up with nosebleeds, I can’t smell perfume.. but it’s a vanity thing.’

Cosmetic surgery fan Chloe went under the knife for a series of procedures. She has endured a nose job, lip enhancement, breast augmentation, liposuction and a bottom enlargement.

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